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Psychedelic Resources

This will be a growing and dynamic section of links to various resources revolving around psychedelic therapy, studies, news and information on Measure 109. A great overall resource for folks interested in psilocybin services as a client or as a facilitator can be found at Oregon Psilocybin  Services.

General Information

1 / Great Overall Resource on Psychedelics

Erowid is a member-supported organization providing access to reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues. We work with academic, medical, and experiential experts to develop and publish new resources, as well as to improve and increase access to already existing resources. We also strive to ensure that these resources are maintained and preserved as a historical record for the future.

2 / MAPS

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.


3 / Webdelics / new resource site

Webdelics is a platform devoted to educating people about psychedelics: their benefits, considerations, and many applications.


OHA/HECC Approved Psilocybin Facilitator Training Programs

This is a list of the current organizations that are approved to provide the training necessary to become a licensed facilitator under the rules and regulations of Measue 109. All descriptions are from the company websites. 

The mission of the Sheri Eckert Foundation (SEF) is to ensure that Oregon’s evolving psychedelic ecosystem includes professionals and participants from diverse backgrounds, financial means, and geographies around the state. 

The Sheri Eckert Foundation was established in 2021 to honor Sheri’s legacy and fulfill a clearly stated wish. 

Measure 109 co-creator Sheri Eckert, who passed away in December of 2020, spoke frequently of generating support for “equitable access to psychedelic education and services.” In her words, she wanted to create an institution that, “guided by on-the-ground community leaders, would allocate resources to support facilitator training, community education, and service delivery for often underserved populations.”

The Synthesis Institute is a global leader of the modern psychedelic movement, advancing scientific research, training and education to create access to safe, legal psychedelic experiences for integrative healing and expansion.

Our world-class trainings prepare psychotherapists, members of the medical field, practitioners and coaches to facilitate psychedelic experiences inside a therapeutic model or support the preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences for patients.

InnerTrek’s mission is to spark healing and wholeness through Oregon’s newly legal psilocybin therapy and wellness framework. Approved by the Oregon Health Authority and licensed by Oregon’s Department of Education, InnerTrek’s groundbreaking program prepares students to become state-licensed psilocybin service facilitators.

We are researchers and psychotherapists with direct experience in psychedelic clinical trials. Our mission is to educate the broader health care community about psychedelic science and equip practitioners with relevant clinical skills. We aim to increase access to this field by offering highly interactive training delivered online and in-person.

The Certificate in Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy is for therapists who wish to obtain the training and education necessary to become a licensed Psilocybin Facilitator under Oregon’s Measure 109. 

SoundMind Institute is a psychedelic facilitator training and research initiative aimed at bringing ethics, equity, and innovation to the psychedelic ecosystem.

This is an 8-month graduate-level training program for clinicians and other professionals that provides a foundational understanding of the literature and practice of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, including the use of ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin in the therapeutic setting. This program is designed for clinicians—especially psychotherapists, physicians, and others, but being a clinician isn’t a requirement for acceptance.

We are Oregon’s Psilocybin Services Directory. Our goal is to connect you to a licensed facilitator or service center that feels like the right match for your healing journey.

Healing can come when we connect directly to the origins of our discontent—that is the magic of this program. One or more facilitators will sit by your side while the psilocybin-containing mushrooms reacquaint you with yourself.

Oregon Psilocybin Services is a new section housed within the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division’s Center for Health Protection. The Oregon Psilocybin Services Section will implement Ballot Measure 109, which was passed in November 2020 and directs the Oregon Health Authority to license and regulate the manufacturing, transportation, delivery, sale, and purchase of psilocybin products and the provision of psilocybin services.

In accordance with ORS 475A, the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board reviewed available medical, psychological, and scientific studies, research, and other information related to the safety and efficacy of psilocybin in treating mental health conditions.  Findings show that psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, holds promise as an option to address mental health issues, and may be efficacious in reducing problematic alcohol and tobacco use.

  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • Must have a high school diploma (or equivalent)

  • Must be a resident of Oregon (provision expires in 2025)

  • Must complete a facilitator training program with curriculum that has been approved by OPS

    • Please review important information below about facilitator training programs

  • Must pass a regulations exam administered by OPS

  • Must pass a criminal background check

    • More information regarding equity and justice centered background checks to be announced

  • Must pay a license application fee

  • Must pay an annual license fee 

Psilocybin services are not yet available in Oregon. 

We expect new psilocybin service centers to open their doors to clients and for licensed facilitators to begin offering psilocybin services in 2023. It will take some time for all four license types (manufacturing, testing, service centers and facilitators) to become licensed and set up operations. Each licensed service center, and the licensed facilitators that work with them, will manage their own operations and communications with clients. 

Oregon residency will not be required to access psilcoybin services. Individuals will be able to access psilocybin services for any reason. Clients must be 21 years of age or over, and participate in a preparation session with a licensed facilitator, before consuming psilocybin in a licensed service center.  

This webpage will be updated with more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can learn more and stay updated with the resources below:

Oregon Health Authority Information

Information courtesy of OHA website.

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