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Welcome to the Rogue Valley Psychedelic Society


The Rogue Valley Psychedelic Society was born at the Portland Horizons Psychedelic Conference. Two passionate souls who were both interested in building a psychedelic community and finding the others manifested in the humble beginnings of the society. Please reach out if you'd like to be involved. 


Megan Frost, MD

Megan has been practicing as a general surgeon in the Rogue Valley since 2013 and predominantly takes care of people with cancer. She also has a Master's in Public health which helped her to learn the important difference between taking care of a population versus taking care of an individual. She is a prescriber for Oregon's Death with Dignity and takes great honor in helping those that have come to terms with their death take control over their last moments. After settling into her career, she felt that she was doing a good job taking care of cancer, but was still inadequate in taking care of the person as a whole. When she learned about the potential of psychedelic assisted therapy that could benefit people with cancer and terminal illness as well as a multitude of other mental health disorders, she felt excited that there were avenues to help people cope with many of the hardships of life. She completed the California Institute of Integral Studies' Certificate in Psychedelics and Research in 2021 and has enjoyed immersing herself into a community that treats mental and physical health from a different, but complementary perspective to Western healthcare. She is using her clinical knowledge, her knowledge of public health, and her newfound passion in psychedelics to advocate and educate the local community. Her goal is that our community will have accessible, affordable psychedelic therapy available to those who need it. 

Steve Elfrink

Steve has called the Rogue Valley home for the past 5 years after a move from Wisconsin. His enthusiastic passion for psychedelic substances for healing and exploring the edges of consciousness has spanned 40+ years. He is the co-founder of OmTerra,  a PSIP/IFS focused therapy organization. He is also the Co-Founder of the Psychedelic Somatic Institute (PSI), a psychedelic somatic therapist training organization. Steve was a participant in the 2015, Phase 1 FDA Pharmacokinetic Study of Psilocybin at UW-Madison that also studied the effects of high-dose psilocybin for adverse reactions. He had a first-hand experience of the benefits and shortcomings of the current non-directive model used in psychedelic therapy worldwide. This led him to creating  OmTerra and PSI to expand the potential of psychedelic medicines utilizing a somatic focus. He has been a pioneer in bringing more awareness to the world of the powerful transformative effects of psychedelics and the more harrowing and less discussed challenges that come with psychedelic therapy.​​ He is also someone who has his own history of early childhood trauma and working through it utilizing psychedelic medicines. He is currently enrolled in the Synthesis Institute's psilocybin facilitator program to become a licensed facilitator. 


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